5 Reasons to choose us

At Green Space Beauty Salons Birmingham

  • Beautiful Treatments… at Green Space we have handpicked a wide selection of treatments so all of your beauty requirements can be met in one place and wherever possible we offer an organic or vegan option.
  • Sanctuary Environment… we know that your perfect beauty salon is more than just the perfect treatment, our clients love the peace they find in Green Space’s secret garden of beauty.
  • Unique Experience… when you walk through our door we know that you’re unique and so are our therapists. We want to provide to your preferences so we’ll tell you about each of us, what we specialise in and love performing, so you can pick the perfect therapist for you, we’ll show you our treatment rooms so you can pick your perfect space and we’ll offer you refreshments that suit your mood and requirements.
  • Positive Energy… at Green Space we understand that your visit is about a lot more than ticking an errand off your to-do list. Our therapists are happy to chat, or be quiet; offer words of support or laughter. Green Space really is about you.
  • Price… our prices are affordable and we’re always bringing you offers so your experience with us is always stress free. Just as it should be.