Spray Tan

A spray tan will give you healthy looking bronzed skin that looks fabulous in an instant -ideal for special occasions, nights out or before you hit the beach.

Here at Green Space Salons we don’t like orange spray tans and we don’t think you do either. Which is why we spent a lot of time researching the different brands of spray tan and dying ourselves an array of shades of terracotta in the process! And then we found Vani-T, an Australian spray tan brand that is made from completely natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any orange pigment. In short, it looks amazing.

Vani-T have a range of spray tans and we hold them all here in the salon, so you can be sure that no matter your skin tone you will leave with a gorgeous, natural looking tan.

Vani-T also have a rapid solution called Velocity which comes in two colour depths and develops in just four hours, so in no time at all you can sleep in white sheets or go to the pub or the gym. Simple!